BLED “Roots & Futuristic Sci-Fi Sounds” (AR016) / CD


On which planet was music born? Music as term is an empty concept. (Imagine a man on a desert as vast as the void.) The moment of the stone strike created this crackle noise which became the chord of running away into the future. Maybe music creates time. Maybe only in our spiral galaxy, time has a continuum nature. What kind of space creates time in a lenticular galaxy? How sound waves vibrated in spindle galaxies? If the galaxy is made of milk and the only thing that combines this gas, dust, stars and dark matter is a common center of mass, then what happens when a human tribe blasts that common center?
Breath. Diaphragm. Throat, Trachea. Lungs. Muscle work, motor skills. One organism rooted in two beings – Emil Miszk and Slawek Koryzno. BLED. Two existences – one time. They don’t know when they closed their eyes while creating their first sounds. Trumpet, drums – from the living ones; oscillators, filters, envelope generators – from the recorded in volts.Sounds of arriving, coming, wandering. The sound of bouncing off the wall or going through the tissues? Otherwise you walk as you approach. More densely you walk while walking away. Do you make decisions by listening?

released August 13, 2021

Sławek Koryzno – drums, modular synthesizers, Echolette SE-200
Emil Miszk – trumpet, Moog Rogue

Produced by BLED
Live resampling by Artur Pasco
Recorded and mixed by Krzysztof Tonn and Maciej Staniecki @TONN Studio
Mastered by Andreas LUPO Lubich @Loop-O Mastering
Cover art and design by Ada Zielińska
Text by Mona Rena Górska

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Weight 200 g


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