Alpaka Records is an independent label from Poland with a strong connection to the Gdansk music scene. It was founded in 2017 on the initiative of a “new wave” of artists who decided to seek their own path and independence. Initially, the main genre was jazz, but over time we expanded the range of genres while maintaining consistency and quality. We do not close ourselves to stylistics, while following our own intuition.

Initially, the label released albums from the local scene. As time passed, interest in Alpaka spread all over Poland, which currently makes Alpaka the most interesting phenomena on the Polish alt-impro scene. Albums released by us have repeatedly received very good reviews from respected music journalists. Albums from our catalog were nominated several times for the FRYDERYK award (Polish grammy award).

The album “Don’t Hesitate! (AR005) by Emil Miszk received the FRYDERYK award in the “Jazz Debut of the Year” category.

Our goal is to support young, sometimes debuting bands and artists who have something interesting to say and want to be heard. Alpaka is currently led by Gdansk-based artists: Slawek Koryzno, Tomasz Sadecki and Emil Miszk. Alpaka was founded by young but long-time active and focused artists. We believe in the need for such a label in Poland, which is why we also release all of our albums in Alpaka.