Emil Miszk & The Sonic Syndicate „Artificial Stupidity” (AR013) / LP



Artificial Stupidity – The music on this album is strictly connected to our daily routine in the internet derealisation. It’s more particular. It’s Emil Miszk 2.0.

„Followers, ads, likes – these things are really funny and stupid. Of course, I am also a victim of the system. Please, don’t trust it and learn how to use it wisely. Especially in the context of our younger generations. Be kind for each other and care of human relationships. That’s the most powerful thing.”

The octet composed of leading Polish artists of young generation led by Emil Miszk – atrumpeter and composer professionally connected with the Tricity music scene. Musicians forming the group are genuine virtuosos of their instruments, owning „superpowers” they do not hesitate to use while performing on stage. The true strength of the group stems from their unrushed way of working – „Moving slowly you will get further”. Spending time with these great people is always fun. Despite their young age, each one of the musicians is an experienced artist with great potential and substantial achievements. A meeting of these eight individuals on stage is always an extraordinary event, considering that a performance of this kind of ensemble is always unique. The Phonografic Academy awarded their first album „Don’t Hesitate!” a prestigious FRYDERYK prize for Jazz Debut of the Year in 2019.


Emil Miszk – trumpet
Kuba Wiecek – alt sax
Piotr Chęcki – tenor sax
Paweł Niewiadomski – trombone
Michał Zienkowski – guitar
Szymon Burnos – piano
Konrad Żołnierek – double bass, bass guitar
Sławek Koryzno – drums

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