Tomasz Chyła Quintet “da Vinci” (AR014) Double LP


“da Vinci” is another incarnation of the Tomasz Chyła Quintet, one of the most interesting revelations of the Polish jazz scene in recent years. Their third studio album referring to a Renaissance painter, architect, mathematician and… musician. The album features a wide variety of musical concepts that bring together the impressions of how a versatile mind can work. The music for the album “da Vinci” is a combination of choral music, jazz, rock and contemporary music. The Art ‘n’ Voices vocal ensemble, of which Tomasz Chyła is a member, was invited to participate in the project. “Da Vinci” sounds sometimes orchestral, sometimes very sparingly, it exposes melodies and interesting motifs or delves into sonorism. The musicians are open to exploration, which results in an album different than its predecessors, showing the band’s new perspective.

Tomasz Chyła – violin, voice
Emil Miszk – trumpet, perc
Krzysztof Hadrych – guitar
Sławek Koryzno – drums, modular synths
Konrad Żołnierek – double bass

Special guest Vocal Ensemble Art’n’Voices (3,4,6,9)

All tracks composed and produced by Tomasz Chyła Quintet except Al Destino (music by Anna Rocławska – Musiałczyk, text by Leonardo da Vinci)

Executive Producer Alpaka Records
Released by Alpaka Records
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Krzysztof Tonn, Maciej Staniecki at Tonn Studio
Vocal Ensemble recorded by Marcin Kowalczyk at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Strzepcz

Cover art and design by Michał Dąbrowski

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Weight 200 g


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