Teo Olter Quintet “In Pursuit of Happiness” (AR031) / CD



“In Pursuit of Happiness” is a theme that resonates with each of us. The music of Teo Olter Quintet captures this universal aspiration in a way that everyone can understand and appreciate. Moreover, it radiates optimism and warmth, providing the listener with a sense of support and hope in the surrounding world. The stirring, dance-inducing dual basses serve as a stable foundation upon which the quintet’s sound is built. This music serves as the perfect accompaniment for exploring new places and experiences. It offers the listener the opportunity to escape the everyday and discover new realms of imagination. The compositions on the album blend carefully crafted subtle ideas with the unrestrained energy of improvisation, propelling the form’s twists and turns and encouraging dialogues between instruments.

TEO OLTER – drums
KAMILA DRABEK – double bass
TYMEK BRYNDAL – el. bass
TADEUSZ CIEŚLAK – tenor saxophone
MONIA MUC – alto saxophone (#5, #10)

Recorded by Artur Paszkowski at Drip Recordings
Mixed and Mastered by Aleksander Żurowski
Executive Producer Alpaka Records
Cover Art and Design by Teo Olter


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