Filip Żółtowski Quartet “BiBi” (AR032) / LP



“BiBi” is a stronger move towards electronic sounds. A richer use of synthesizers possibilities combined with interesting sounds of trumpet, saxophone and drums. The concept of the album is to focus on individuality and what makes us individual. The songs are a reflection of the author’s feelings, which are also a reflection of other people’s emotions – each of us experiences our own delights and dramas, but the emotions accompanying them are not that different. Music and the reflections related to it reach the listener with the desire to seek the truth about themselves, answers to questions about where they are going and acceptance of who they are.

released June 13, 2024

Filip Żółtowski – Trumpet, Moog
Szymon Zawodny – Saxophone
Wojtek Wojda – Synthesizers
Mikołaj Stańko – Drums

All songs composed by Filip Żółtowski

Recorded in Custom34 Studio
Sound engineer: Piotr Łukaszewski
Mix: Michał Zienkowski
Mastering: Michał Kupicz
Illustration and cover design: Stefan Głośnik
Production: Filip Żółtowski
Executive producer: Alpaka Records


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