Carillon Electric Orchestra “Matter of Reverberations” (AR019) / CD


Monika Kaźmierczak – carillon
Emil Miszk – trumpet
Tomasz Chyła – violin
Sławek Koryzno – percussion
Mikołaj Basiukiewicz – Moog

Why do metallic hearts determine the rhythms of city streets?
The greediness of the tones comes from the tones, from the density, from the lack of fragility.
How do we connect the biorhythm of a city’s heart and the heart of a single street, house, bed, table, chair, spoon?

Matter knows strange methods of memory creation. Matter creates vibrations of countless frequencies that are constantly actualizing. Imagine matter making you shudder. You hear bells ringing. Once those bells were melted down. The bells and their fleshy hearts. These bells constitute a carillon, one instrument accumulating various time durations. The hertz forming the universe of sounds are carillon, trumpet, violin, percussion, moog – Monika Kaźmierczak, Emil Miszk, Tomasz Chyła, Sławek Koryzno, Mikołaj Basiukiewicz. The band was born out of the need to create experiment, to understand each other musically, to find and establish new foundations. It is the first project of its kind in the world. An impression of liturgy is created in music suspended high above the city. Carillon, accompanied by wind and string instruments, percussion, and electronics. While listening to this musical combination, questions arise: how can one experience the constancy of sound? The constancy of recurring weight? What does cardiac stability manifest as, and how important is exchange stability in doing so? When am I the background and when do I turn into layers? Layers of memory of sublime moments, moments of significance, moments of insight in the cobbled walk of the old city?

Huge amounts of sound are expressed in events, in the details of our lives that happened and cannot be recreated again. How to put memories to rest? How to bring a spring to the memories? How was the bell created? The idea of the bell? Huge amounts of sound.

I am a carillon. Fearless in tone, I show up and need company.  I only function in a group.

Did the heart penetrate the metal that it structured into a pleiad of tones? Being close, one feels how each bell pierces the body. A labyrinth that vibrates with the heart is revealed. The music allows the nooks and crannies to stir up the vibrations of the missing movement.

Carillon Electric Orchestra. What if music could suggest what is to come? Music that builds phantasms of the sounds of history. Are you listening? We are on this carillon tower alone in the world, hearts have been melted.

Text: Mona Rena Górska

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