Anna Jopek “Insight” (AR021) / CD


Insight, perceptiveness, observation, ability to perceive and understand. Anna is a young pianist, composer and arranger, associated with Gdańsk music scene. For the artist, truth and authenticity are the most important aspects.

“Some happenings are beyond description in words.
We cannot stop a moment, but we can freeze in rush and have a good insight into our way.”

The debut album “Insight” combines classical, contemporary, jazz and illustrative music. You can hear and see specific images of nature, which were a great inspiration for the author. We will also find the influences of folk music.
Some themes have been carefully written down in the scores and some of them entirely improvised. The composer decided to give up the jazz rhythm section in order to be able to explore the timbre and its various shades even more.

Music composed by Anna Jopek
Tune number 7 composed by Anna Jopek and Jakub Klemensiewicz

Anna Jopek – gran piano, prepared piano
Jakub Klemensiewicz – tenor and soprano saxophone, clarinet
Adam Skorczewski – trumpet
Michalina Sokołowska – cello

Produced by Anna Jopek
Executive Producer Alpaka Records
Recorded in Audioplanet in Łąkie by Kris Górski and Kuba Malinowski Mixed by Kris Górski
Mastered by Magdalena Piotrowska / Hear Candy Mastering
Cover design by Kasia Stańczyk
Photos Sisi Cecylia


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