Siema Ziemia „Siema Ziemia” AR012


Siema Ziemia is an electronic-inspired acoustic quartet, which draws an energy from collective improvisation. The music of siemaziemia attempts to recreate highly organized structures of electronic music with acoustic instruments. This approach helps to connect bits from both sides.

LP was recorded without overdubbing. Our goal was to achieve the sound and spirit of electronic music, so loops and chops were played in a mantric manner.

We believe that culture associated with clubs and electronic music is somehow connected with a primitive nature and brings us closer to katharsis.

Andrzej Konieczny – perkusja, synth
Fryderyk Szulgit – gitary, synth
Kacper Krupa – saksofon tenorowy, synth
Paweł Stachowiak – gitara basowa, moog
Nagranie i miks: Andrzej KoniecznyMastering: Andrzej Konieczny
Cover: Fryderyk Szulgit


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