USO 9001 Rhesus Albert (AR024) / CD


Rhesus Albert was created in collaboration with the producer Albert Karch. The album is the result of collective work of the band and various inspirations of each member, ranging from jazz, math rock, electronic, classical, to hip-hop. The interior chosen for recording was a carpentry workshop in a small village near Sochaczew (central Poland). The place where the band spent a week significantly defined the form and final sound. Karch, inspired by albums recorded in the seventies, opted for unconventional solutions in production, spatial sounds, and natural reverbs.

In addition to the core trio, members of the EABS formation also appeared as guests on Rhesus Albert: Wuja HZG on bass guitar, Olaf Węgier on tenor saxophone, Natan Kryszk on baritone saxophone, as well as vocalist Zuza Jasińska and rapper KOZA.

Miłosz Pieczonka – saxophone
Jan Gałosz – guitar
Jan Pieniążek – drums

Special guests:
Zuza Jasińska – vocal (5), KOZA – rap (5), Wuja HZG – bass (5,6,9), Natan Kryszk – sax (6), Olaf Węgier- sax (6)

Engineered and produced by Albert Karch
Executive Producer Alpaka Records


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