Magda Kuraś Quintet “Tryptyk Biłgorajski” (AR028) / CD



The band was formed in 2022. The passion for rituals and ethnic music brought the musicians together. They emphasize a shared musical language, aiming for their music to convey their emotions. The entire quintet sings like traditional folk groups, while the leader combines vocal performance with dance on stage.

The “Tryptyk Biłgorajski” (Biłgoraj Triptych) tells a story of longing, a torn heart, and redemption. It’s like a musical ritual in which opening up to difficult emotions, naming them, and allowing oneself to experience them leads to emotional liberation.

Tryptyk Biłgorajski tells a poignant story about a torn heart, longing, and redemption. It transposes traditional South-Eastern music from Poland to modern standards through Magda, born in Biłgoraj. As ritualistic and organic music, Triptych uncovers our deeply buried need for catharsis.
This album attempts to bring the Polish tradition out of the shadows and prove that folk music has its rightful place in the contemporary world, as it is as relatable as it is beautiful. Or maybe that’s why it is beautiful?

The original lyrics served as a starting point for the band to create their own compositions. These are not jazz arrangements of folk songs, but an attempt to recreate a village band while incorporating the musical influences of each band member and their personal experiences, which they blend with sounds in a musical ritual elixir.

released June 15, 2023

Magda Kuraś – voice, dance
Maciej Świniarski – voice, storm, tambourine
Ziemowit Klimek – double bass, voice
Jakub Krzanowski – drums, voice
Dominik Kisiel – piano, voice


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