Tomek Sowiński / Maciej Sikała “Amalgamation” (AR027) / CD


A new album by well-known Polish artists, Tomek Sowiński and Maciej Sikała, is on the horizon. The duo has created a raw material based on key elements: rhythm and melody – the oldest elements of music that have accompanied humans on their journeys for centuries. These elements are the foundation of the “Amalgamation” album.
The duo impresses with their maturity and vast experience, which can be heard in every sound. Despite limited instrument selection, the creators invite listeners to a minimalist yet multi-dimensional foundation. Elements of virtuosity, mutual interaction, and a kind of trance are well balanced, creating an incredible atmosphere and energy.
The entire album is a story of coming home, presenting the journey of a wandering person searching for themselves and their place in the world.
released March 29, 2023

Tomek Sowiński – drums, percussion
Maciej Sikała – tenor & soprano saxophone

Recorded 11 December 2020 at Tall Pine Records in Kolbudy
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Piotr Taraszkiewicz
Graphic design by Mary Zaleska
Producer Tomek Sowiński
Executive producer Alpaka Records


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