Tomasz Chyła Quintet “Music We Like To Dance To” (AR029) / CD


Convinced of their own voice and unique musical sound, the members of the quintet are forging their own artistic path, periodically sharing the results of their work. And so it is this time. “Music We Like To Dance To” is the fifth album by the band from Gdansk, led by Tomasz Chyła, one of the most talented young Polish violinists. After many years of experiments, the band returns to the values and emotions that accompanied the creation of the quintet’s first album, “Eternal Entropy.

“Music We Like To Dance To” is an invitation to dance together, without unnecessary theorizing and complicated contemplations. This album is musical honesty, through which the listener will find what they need in the moment. Progressive rock riffs interwoven with beautiful melodies remind the listener of the functionality of music, which has served us for centuries. Listening to the tracks from the album, you’ll feel like you’re at a great party where the music electrifies your entire body, and you don’t know exactly when you start to dance yourself.

The abundance of available music today poses many questions for artists: how to compose, how to play, how to sell? In this album, there are no calculations, only sincere confessions in which the band’s leader shares his ideas and emotions in most of the compositions, and the whole band enjoys it. It’s mature playing, free from artificial expectations.

released November 8, 2023

Tomasz Chyła – violin
Emil Miszk – trumpet
Krzysztof Hadrych – guitar
Konrad Żołnierek – doublebass, bass guitar
Sławek Koryzno – drums

Recorded by Ignacy Gruszecki at Monochrom Studio
Mixed and Mastered by Piotr Taraszkiewicz
Produced by Tomasz Chyła Quintet
Executive Producer Alpaka Records
Released by Alpaka Records
Cover Art and Design by Michał Dąbrowski


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