Nene Heroine “MOVA” (AR026) / CD



Their work is combined with a mixture of analog sounds, dub, post-rock, improvisation and communicative and emotional melodies performed by a group of outstanding musicians. After the well-received debut album “Total Panorama” (Alpaka Records), the band presents a new program called “MOVA”. It is an extension of the existing musical exploration of the “trip”, embedded in contemporary sounds, in which the artists take their listeners. Nene Heroine’s audience is much wider than a closed group of fans of only one genre. The musicians of the band do not like compromises and treat jazz only as a starting point for creating new structures. “MOVA” is a pretext to continue searching for your own style and to go a step further and combine the sound sphere with
visual aspect on stage.

released October 29, 2022

Michael Zismann – guitar
Peter Stanley Chester – sax, Juno
Tony Sadeky – bass, Moog
Stan Corazon – drums

Special guest Kasia Lins – vocals on “Wola”

Recorded by Albert Zapalski @ Studio Pio (Piotr Prońko)
Mixed by The Norman Conquest
Mastered by Norman Nitzsche
“Wola” mixed and mastered by Maciej Milewski
Produced by Nene Heroine
Cover art and design by Patryk Hardziej


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