midi 4 “Cats, Dogs and Dwarfs” (AR030) / CD



midi 4 is a fusion of improvised, creative, jazz, film, beat, and gentle, subtle melody music. The band, in its original compositions, explores new possibilities and sonic musical spaces. It combines jazz tradition with classical sensitivity and has a significant influence on improvised music.
The quartet’s music represents creative exploration and admiration for the diversity of the world, sounds, melodies, art, and incomprehensible beings. It also reflects a deep sensitivity stemming from a love for Polish creators in classical, jazz, creative, pop, and improvised music.

Malina Midera is a pianist, composer, and improviser, sensitive to every sound, looking for her language. In addition to music, she is interested in photography and visual arts. She also runs her broadcast “Mambo Dżambo” on Radio Kapitał. In 2020, she created the band “Klawo ” belonging to the Coastline Northern Cuts label and released a debut album in July 2022. Right now she’s studying at Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.

Malina Midera – piano, Hammond organ, flute
Szymon Kowalik – tenor saxophone
Alan Kapołka – drums
Szymon Zalewski – double bass

All compositions by Malina Midera
Executive Producer – Alpaka Records
Recorded in July 2023 by Maciej Staniecki at Tonn Studio in Łódź, PL
Mixed and mastered by Albert Karch
Artwork and graphic design by Kornelia Nowak


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